Arti.collectivo - Hannya and Koi Fish

Arti.collectivo - Hannya and Koi Fish

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Deskmat 500 g
900 mm  300 mm
 5 mm


An exclusive deskmat drop from Arti.collectivo 

The Hannya mask and the Koi fish with other subjects are represented as the significant symbols of Japanese art and style. They are also connected to the tattoo world rooted in japan hence many Japanese tattooing masters are drawing these subjects in their pieces.

Digital pieces made using personalized technical pen, incorporating texture and colors to emulate the fluidity of a brush in my drawings. I employ a texture that provides paper-like effect to make my illustrations more realistic and to avoid color monotony.

Since I was a child, I have loved drawing. Throughout this journey, I have crossed paths with the world of tattooing and oriental calligraphy, which I am passionate about and still in the learning process. I am influenced by my great passion for eastern culture, which has led me to travel to different places in Asia. Appreciating the masterpieces of oriental art not only helps shape my art style but also keeps me on the right path.

- Jack

The Designer